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Freyaloi Sketchbook Art

A Small Dogs Dilemma

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Mischief Mount

My brain has been invaded.

Necro Chicken Bird thing

Sketchbook Entry PaintingNo: 1. on 13.01.13 by Freyaloi

What Happens When I Am Bored

Why is Everything Different

Yalocan Doodle

Too Many Assumptions

Eorohan, Character sheet

The soul stream dumped Eorohan into a vampires nest where he learnt some magic. He also killed many of them and stole their power to replenish his own in the early years of his existence. This has given his some vampire characteristics. Being full of souls, he has a grasp of necromancy.
One of his main abilities is to infest a body. However this is not always in a malicious intent. He sometimes inhabits the body along side it's original host, only taking over when he needs to. This allows him to have a solid form as he lacks the power to sustain his own for long periods.

If the bodies own host was to let him run the body, he can alter it's external appearance to others, effectively creating a mask of his own chosen appearance concealing the real body. He can also use his powers whilst inside a body. He does not require but finds the benefits of having one very appealing.

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