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Gallery of Freyaloi Art

My latest work:

Nibbles the Destroyer

Azaril and Teldryn

Azaril and Teldryn (dragonborn dlc) hanging out. Not sure what they're talking about...maybe dreaming about some treasure they could find or joking about some bandits they flattened...I dunno. Eitherway, Teldryn is an awesome follower. Really good spellsword. I personally find him hilarious too, but that's me. XD I find Neloth hilarious too,so yeah...
Why is my lineart so messy all the time XC....
Azaril ©Freyaloi
Teldryn Sero © Bethesda
Skyrim © Bethesda

Another long video....I can't seem to make them short....I am either too slow or too precious with the video. Some overdue skyrim fanart....With the amount of my life I've sank into this game, you'd think I would have done some sooner... Anyway, my current favourite character, Azaril and Teldryn (dragonborn dlc) hanging out.

Going Insane by Freyaloi

Building the Universe

One Wild Night - Saints Row by Freyaloi.

Spontaneous ideas while reviewing some screenshots of SR2.
I had been taking screens while playing and my char went on idle in the shopping-centre while I waited for my friend to do their clothes' shopping. I found the drunken wobble amusing so I took some screenshots. Later on, while uploading them onto steam, I found one where I adored the pose and I just had to do something with it...as in draw it.
Both characters in this image belong to me and so does the artwork. None of the music does however.

Delinais Puppy

Delinai's puppy as he looks when he was originally made, before humans skinned him and stole his crystal heart.
Shadow was made in-order to help Delinai cope with his own death and help him stabilise his new powers. Despite his appearance, the hound is very friendly towards almost everybody but is fiercely protective of his master should need be.
Even with his immense size and weight, Shadow is scared of cats.

Bottled Up

Shut up Del…You’re supposed to be on my side…
A little explanation. All of these guys are my characters and lately I have been wanting to draw them all but I can’t and am forced to choose one to do stuff of. Main culprits are Azaril (skyrim), Reyes (Saints Row), Eorohan.
Now lets pretend that we can jump into our characters dimension.
I was told to draw them all together since I couldn’t decide…ehehe…yeah…No, putting these three together would end in a blood bath, seriously….but that got me thinking…What if they did get into a fight…Well that’s where the little story for this starts.
Eo, Rey and Azy get into a fight and so I enlist some help from Yalocan to break them up. I just happen to have forgot that he is also a massive attention seeker as well…A bit of advice, NEVER make a deal with a god of mischief…Doesn’t matter how nice they are! Don’t do it!
Reyes, Eorohan, Azaril, Yalocan Delinai © Freyaloi

Breaking out Welsh Dragon

Welsh Red Dragon

My take on the welsh dragon. :3 probably my favourite drawing to date.
Sheep Hunter

How The Above Drawings Were Created!

The Graveyard Guardians

Feanaro The King of Fire



Anglo Saxon Dragon

Warrior of the Sea

Hecate Queen of Witches

Far from Home

Delinai Hetherev Masquerade

I thought this was your favourite show

Let me Show You

Angry Doodle

Not so familiar

Sketchbook Entry Painting1. 13.01.13


Welcome My Angel

Anti You

How to Defeat the Jackass

Whos the Alien

Tell the World

Hiding in the Desert


Kolaermyrn Thyrdaes Colour

Myn Profile Picture

Too Many Cookies

Escape Hell




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